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Brother Jones enjoys giving candy to the children



one of the congregations and some of the ministers in Nicaragua.


Missions Of Mercy


Brother Jones had a vision concerning Missions when he was a young man
and it has never left him. Every year brings more and more determination to feed
the hungry, give places of rest to the homeless, clothing to those without, and love
for all races.

Mexico is the first endeavor of Mission of Mercy!  
What a mission it was! The remote areas in which the team traveled
were primitive to say the least. 
There was no electricity, no homes, no running water. 
NOTHING but hunger for something that would give them hope.

Brother Jones distributing candy to the children in Mexico

Brother Jones continued to travel into Mexico bringing with him, the HOPE 
that Christ lived and died for the people in Mexico, just like he did for us in 
America. People were saved, set free from demonic oppression, plus healings for 
their physical bodies. Miracles began to transpire one after another. The people 
would REJOICE in the Lord, knowing that only He can make that change. 
Brother Jones began to send other ministers into the country. They started 
churches all over the devastatingly poor country. Bringing in food and helping 
build shelter for the people, they began to realize what Jesus was to them. 
Today WorldWide Faith Outreach is still reaching out to the people of Mexico 
and seeing the Lord move in miraculous ways.

The doors to other countries began to open to Brother Jones 
as he was constantly aware of the deep calling to the missions. 

Nicaragua, Guatemala, Italy, England, India, Malaysia, 
Singapore, Australia, Canada, Philippines
Mission to Nicaragua

In Southern India, a communist country, the crusade was so overwhelming that 
the people would almost stampede the meetings trying to get to the Prophet of God. 
They were so hungry to learn about this SAVIOR that could heal their bodies. 
Brother Jones witnessed the Lord provide miracle after miracle for these thousands 
of hungry souls. One particular woman had a grapefruit sized goiter on her throat
It disappeared from her and this of course increased the faith of the people 
that watched. People had their teeth filled with gold and many other miracles. 






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